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Invitation to attend the seminar. Motor maintenance techniques and the selection brush.

In the current situation. Reducing maintenance problems by using quality parts. And can be produced domestically. United Carbon Co., Ltd. is a scholar, as a company. Experts and have years of experience in the production and maintenance of the product components. CARBON BRUSH, CARBON FOR HIGH TEMPERATURE, CARBON SEAL RING AND SILICON CARBIDE SEAL RING AND MECHANICAL SEAL. The technology and raw materials from the world’s leading manufacturers. Would like to invite you. Or your agency. Attend lectures (lectures Thailand) by Mr. Leopold Gerken of Gerken, Belgium Mr.Brian Bird and engineers who specialize in the OEM Motor and brush of E-Carbon Asia Co., Ltd. company in Malaysia is intended as a lecture. this time you will have the knowledge and techniques to reduce maintenance costs and increase machine availability Motor and knowledge in the use of the brush quality.


Date, time and place. 
On 9 January 2556 8:30 – 16:00 pm
Hotel Miracle Suvarnabhumi Airport.
No. 68/101 Soi King Kaew 40/2 10 540