Maintenance, Repair and Inspection

For more than 20 years, the SUC has been servicing and repairing pump and other rotating and static equipment. Support by Schunk’s engineering experts, SUC engineering and technicians have the experience and capability to properly repair and maintain mechanical seal . Broad machining capabilities, advanced material overlay technology, progressive inspection techniques and materials expertise are all integral parts of the SUC service team

Reliability specialists

Dedicated product reliability specialists work to help customers reduce the cost-to-quality ratio , achieve their targets. SUC also offers after sale services. Conversion and upgrading service which works to help customers meet efficiency standards. The proposal also incorporates suggestions for appropriate technical improvements and conversion concepts, and positions classified as critical to the plant's operation are given the appropriate close attention.

We adapt the following combinable modules to your individual requirements. Our concept includes the implementation of the choice of modules into your plant together with clear definition of responsibilities. We believe that this is essential for the common success of the concept.