Mechanical Seal

Mechanical Part

High Temperature

Even the Seals have examined a more rounded before use. Customers can be sure that every product before the customer. Must be strictly monitored. To ensure that the product is actually tested before delivery to the customer. Sourcing the best For use in the production The production company Suri has a modern CNC machines can be molded according to the needs of the customer fast and accurate as desired. And forming the way you want … We use the heat Graphite quality in production. To allow customers to use them efficiently and special coating Pyrotech Coating can Iืi the lifetime of the graphite longer. We are the first to develop the invention. To the manufacturer's in the country's full potential.

Electrical Carbon

Rotary Joint

Envelope brush and brush our material quality of the German Country. With experience and Expertise pack brush Thailand is well accepted And international And introducing Maintenance Various motor We have the expertise as well. Rotary Joint We can design a variety of jobs. Our technical team can design. Available in all related industries in particular. Paper mill Condensate help run at full capacity. With quality ingredients from Germany.