Suthee United Carbon Co.,Ltd. (SUC)

Is your technical solutions partner. Our company provides expert solutions in carbon, graphite, silicon carbide, tungsten carbide, and other engineered materials.,

Since 1987, SUC has established successful partnerships with key companies in a wide range of industries. Our products are installed and operational in demanding applications for the cement, petrochemical, automotive, electronic, steel, aluminum, glass, paper, electrical power generation, and mass transit industries. SUC supports the rigorous requirements for equipment operation, machine maintenance, and production engineering with our factory in Thailand.


Company Timeline

1987 United Carbon Products Co., Ltd. was founded by Mr. Suthee Poosawan

1995 Joint-venture partnership with Schunk Group and name change Schunk United Carbon Co., Ltd. established    (Thai 51%/German 49%)

1998 Certification according to ISO 9002

2002 Certification according to ISO 9001 version 2000

2004 Restructure ownership (Thai 100%) and signed sole agency agreement with Schunk Group for carbon products

2005 Name change to Suthee United Carbon Co., Ltd. and Mr. Ron Lowe appointed Managing Director

2010 Received EDIPP Outstanding Innovation Award

2011 MDICP 12 Organization Deverlopment Award

201Received 5th SMEs National Award 2012 and The Best Executive Award 2012

2013 Received The Prime Minister‘s Tndustry Award 2013

        2018 Received  The Prime Minister’s Industry Award 2018 For an Outstanding Achievement in Global SME


The Prime Minister’s Industry Award 2018 For an Outstanding Achievement in Global SME

The Prime Ministers Industry Award 2013

PF Best Executive Award 2012

MDICP12 Organization Development Award



To provide solutions for customers, add value to shareholders, improve the livelihood of employees, and contribute positively to society,


“To be ASEAN’s maintanance solution partner and industral machine part mannufacturer specializing in carbon and engneered materrials”